Website Design + Development

Custom designed and developed websites and eCommerce stores that truly get your customers. That's what we specialise in. Whether it's a brand new website, a full redesign or an update to your current site, our team of content, digital marketing, design and development professionals are up for the challenge.

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How it all works?


Website Think Tank

To kick things off, we invite you for a cup of coffee in our humble studio to chat over your website requirements and wishes. At this stage we’re aiming to get a pretty good idea of your business and website goals. To help us, we’ll go through a range of questions with you and formulate an estimate specifically for your unique project. There’s no charge and no obligation at this point, so why not see what we can do to help you grow your brand online?


UX Design + UI Design

It’s our mission to take the confusion and complication out of websites, by focusing on simple and easy to navigate user flows. Simple however, is not always easy. That’s why we implement user testing through interactive wireframes to get the user flow right. But first, our UX and UI design gurus analyse your user, site navigation and site layout, so they can craft a seamless and intuitive digital experience. We place the website visitors at the core of all design and development.


Copywriting + SEO

Using the craft of copywriting, our wordsmith draws your customers in through cleverly created content specifically designed for your target audience. We always keep our friend Google in mind, and pull out all the tricks to develop search engine (SEO) friendly copy to give your website the best chance to get ahead on the ranking ladder.


Website Design

Letting our creative juices flow, we craft impressive designs that capture your brand’s personality right down to the finest detail. We understand that your website is a critical brand touchpoint, so we go the extra mile to ensure the look and feel of your website adequately represents your brand and keeps your customer coming back time and time again. Having analysed your target audience, we can now make informed decisions on all design features such as typeface, colours and images to support your brand positioning in the digital sphere.


Website Development

This is where everything comes together and where we bring your new website to life. Whether your customers visits via the desktop, mobile or tablet, our html and css coding geeks ensure your website is responsive across all devices and functions flawlessly. In most cases, we use the world's most popular content management system (CMS) Wordpress because of its flexibility, affordability and ease-of-use for those that need to regularly manage and update content.
(We also offer fully managed hosting and support services for your peace of mind, so you can dedicate your full attention on your business).


Website Training

Good news! You won't have to contact us for every single change, instead our in-depth training sessions and support material will allow you to breeze through simple content updates and edits. But if you do need our help, we are only a phone call away.

Websites are just part of the picture.

At Seen, we believe the key to success begins and ends with your brand. We can help you nail your brand, creative and marketing from the start.

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