As an emerging business in a competitive market, Furlan wanted to be positioned as an high end, artisan builder with an expertise and vision to bring even the most complex custom creations to life. Seen was tasked with the challenge of creating a visual identity that reflects Furlan’s artisan buildings - a perfect marriage of both architectural form and function, structures of beauty, complete with wide open spaces, natural light, sustainable design and elegant lines.

We created a minimalistic, modern visual identity showcasing Furlan’s status as contemporary and luxurious builders. The custom wordmark celebrates the unification of high quality materials in modern and contemporary building designs. A sophisticated colour palette of gold, blue-grey and black evokes quality, refinement and professionalism. These striking design elements continue on to the website (going live very soon!), with delicate splashes of colour, clean lines and plenty of negative space to allow Furlan and their beautiful creations to stand out.

Work Completed


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