Morwell — Town of Gardens

Located 150km east of Melbourne with a population of 14,200, Morwell is known as the heart of the Latrobe Valley. Primarily a product of the coal mining and fossil-fuel power generation industry, Morwell is known for its role as a major energy production centre for Victoria. However, over the last few years Morwell has faced economic challenges related to the privatisation of the energy sector and closures of the Hazelwood Power Station.

In early-2019 Seen was approached by Latrobe City to assist in creating a brighter future for Morwell with the aim to build a healthy, liveable and resilient town. Our role was to improve the image and identity of Morwell and its attractiveness as a place to live, work, visit and invest through an innovative communications and place branding strategy and identity.

We were faced with the challenge to develop a brand strategy, place identity and urban design style framework that equally connects and engages with prospective businesses, developers, residents and tourists alike. In essence the communication and brand project was to assist in the revitalisation of Morwell and create a paradigm shift from a traditional power generation town into a proud town of gardens with a glorious industrial heritage. An integral part of the project was to differentiate Morwell from other surrounding Latrobe City towns focusing on its point of strength and source of community pride – the Morwell Rose Garden

Extensive field and desk research along with multiple brand workshops with a group of Morwell community members, informed the town’s strategic position as a vibrant, creative and green town with a rich arts culture and industrial history. Hence, the visual direction melts elements of nature, greenery and sustainability with industrial features in a modern, artistic and contemporary style.

With emphasises on the town’s community pride; the rose garden, we utilised the shape of an abstract, minimalistic rose as the icon. The modern interpretation of the rose shape and the derived graphic device supports the town’s perception as a creative, forward-looking community with a strong arts culture. The bright and vibrant colour range further celebrates the beauty of the Morwell Centenary Rose Garden and the community’s diversity. Each colour is linked to an essential element of the urban design style framework, creating a consistent look and feel across all brand assets. The visually dynamic, memorable yet lean style unifies the town’s message visually and reiterates the importance of connection of not only the community but the newly established townscape itself as well.

Along with a future strategy of outdoor ‘green’ spaces, connected pathways, an even bigger International Rose Garden Festival and an events calendar celebrating Morwell’s arts and industrial heritage, the new Morwell brand and identity will go a long way towards a positive and unified image of Morwell amongst residents and visitors alike.

Work Completed

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Collateral
  • Signage
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Strategy & Plan


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